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The property

Union Tavern
Sea Breeze

Nestled snugly in the heart of the Sea Breeze neighborhood, where the lake breeze mingles with the warmth of community, you'll find The Union Tavern, formerly known as the Reunion Inn. Since we opened our doors in July of 2019, we've been the go-to spot for a diverse crowd where everyone is welcome. Reflecting the charm of New England, our tavern boasts a delightful blend of shareables and heartwarming comfort food, refreshing drinks, and an inviting ambiance. We have a large variety of beer, wine and cider featuring some of our local favorites

Empowering community connections through exceptional food, drinks, and ambiance, the Union Tavern is dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment where every guest feels valued and inspired. With a commitment to quality and creativity, we strive to enrich the lives of our patrons by providing memorable dining experiences that celebrate both tradition and innovation. At the Union Tavern, we are more than a restaurant – we are a gathering place where friendships flourish, ideas spark, and memories are made.

Don and Kelly are committed to bringing a welcoming neighborhood vibe to their establishments. The Union Tavern is a place where everyone is welcome, until you make someone feel unwelcome. They provide a safe space for all.

The Union Tavern is a proud member of Visit Rochester and the

New York State Restaurant Association, which Kelly is the

Board Vice-President, as well as a State Board Member.

The staff at the Union Tavern is close-knit and eager to make you feel like family!

The building has an amazing history and it has been a goal of ours to learn everything she can about it. She was invited to do a presentation of the history to the Irondequoit Historical Society in the fall of 2022 and can be found in the library's archives. 

The original owner of the property was Sylvester Woodman, a Great Lakes Pirate.

A wooden farmhouse was built in 1819. In 1854, the Bradstreet family purchased the property, tore down the farmhouse and spent 2 years constructing the brick building that stands here today. 

So many amazing things have happened in and around are building and we'd love to share all of them with you. 

And the ghost stories, because this place certainly is haunted. We love to talk about it. If you'd like to schedule a formal history chat, email Kelly at and we can set up a tour.


Until them, check out the links below to learn more.

Watch the Monroe County Paranormal Investigators, our house team, investigating the building. 

View an episode of Ghost Show, filmed right here at 4565 Culver Road.

Check out our listing on the Haunted History Trail of NY.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Do you take reservations?
A - Yes, just call 585-563-7304.

Q - Can I book a large party?
A - Yes. We have an upstairs dining room that can be reserved for large private parties. You can also reserve space downstairs for more casual events. You can email our General Manager, Aimee,                            at for more information. 

Q - Are you wheelchair accessible?
A - Yes, the first floor is accessible by ramp.

Q - Are there tvs?
A - No, there are no tvs. There are many board games and a steel tip dart board on the way. We encourage    conversation and good times! Our staff are a delight and would be happy to chat with you at any time!

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