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Free Spirited and Zero-Proof Options

Sip and savor as we share our unique, alcohol-free cocktails that redefine the art of beverage crafting. We believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice taste and creativity when opting for non-alcoholic options.

Welcome to Union Tavern, where we believe that enjoying a great drink is an experience meant for everyone, regardless of alcohol content. Our dedication to crafting exceptional nonalcoholic beverages has been at the heart of our mission for over two years, setting the standard for inclusivity and innovation in Rochester's dining scene. We have pioneered the idea that what's in your drink is your business alone, a philosophy that extends to our entire menu. Whether you're seeking a spirited cocktail or a free-spirited option, our extensive nonalcoholic program offers something to tantalize every palate.

We redefine the art of crafting exceptional beverages, embracing the term Free Spirited to celebrate our commitment to creativity and inclusivity. At Union Tavern, we understand the power of words. That's why we've chosen Free Spirited to describe our nonalcoholic offerings, as we believe every drink deserves respect and recognition. Our menu is a testament to this, featuring thoughtfully curated creations that are never a joke – each one carefully crafted with precision and care. In addition - you may have heard that the building is a little bit haunted - it came with its own free spirits!!

Every sip at Union Tavern is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. Our drinks are expertly balanced, utilizing unique ingredients sourced from around the world and some that we craft ourselves, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience with every visit.

Come experience the warmth of our welcoming atmosphere, where everyone is embraced and celebrated. Whether you're an everyday non-drinker, sober curious, or simply looking for a fantastic beverage, we invite you to join us and discover why Union Tavern is the destination for those who appreciate quality, creativity, and a touch of the supernatural. Raise a glass with us and support our mission of celebrating the Spirited and the Free Spirited alike and support our mission of redefining what it means to enjoy a great drink. Cheers to unforgettable drinks and unforgettable memories!

At Union Tavern, there's always a seat at the table for you. Cheers to delicious drinks and delightful company!

Come discover the results of our 2-year journey in crafting exceptional, alcohol-free concoctions that promise to tantalize your taste buds.

Drink Sampler

Our Products


Guinness 0.0 

Heinekin 0.0

Corona 0.0

0.01-0.05% Alcohol

Brooklyn Special Effects

Blue Moon 

Busty Lush She's Divine Oatmeal Dark, She's Lavish

                        Lavendar Margarita, She's Passionate Tropical 


Go Brewing Bad Arse Irish Red, Donut Kill My Vibe,    

                          New School Sour, Not Just Another  Story DIPA

                          Prophets Hazy IPA, Sunshine State Tropical IPA,

                          Suspended on a Sunbeam PILS 

KIT On Your Mark 

KIT Get Set 

KIT Here We Go 

Sam Adams Just The Haze

Untitled Art Juicy IPA & Mango Dragonfruit 

                          Fruited Sour   

Spirits and Wine

Free Spirits Tequila and Whiskey

Kentucky 74 Bourbon

Sobour Rye Whiskey

Caleno Dark & Spicy

Lyre Italian Spritz, Apertf Rosso, Amaretti, White Cane,

          Coffee Original

Trejo Tequila and Pink Gin

Sacre Zero

Ritual Gin and Rum


Grucvi Dry Secco and Sparkling Rose


Free Spirited Cocktails

All Nighter - Seedlip Spice, Espresso, Simple Syrup

Berry Burlesque - Ginger Beer, Black Currant Juice, Honey Syrup and Lime

Sunset Spritz - House Made Wild Shrub, Ginger Syrup, Trejos   Tequlia, Soda Water


Lemon Lift-Lavender Lemonade (Try it as a Shandy with an NA   Beer of your choice)


Wild Berry Spritz - Strawberry, Black Currant, Lemon, Gruvi Dry   Secco


Lyre Americano - Lyre's Aperitif Rosso, Orange and Tonic


Amalfi Spritz - Lyre’s Italian Spritz and Gruvi Dry Secco


I’m Your Huckleberry - Lyre’s Italian Sprits, Trejo Tequila, Lime and  Almond Syrup


Lombardi Rossa - Ritual Zero Proof Rum, Lyre’s Amaretti, Lime,  Cranberry, Cherry


Free Spirited Classics


Manhattan - Sobour Rye Whiskey or Spiritless 74 Kentucky Bourbon, Pathfinder, Cherry 

Dark & Spicy - Caleno’s Dark Rum, Lime Ginger Beer 

Negroni - Ritual Zero Proof Gin, Lyre Italian Spritz and Pathfinder 

Margarita on the Rocks - Trejos Spirits Tequila, Lime, Simple Syrup 

Old Fashioned - Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey, Pathfinder, Sugar, Orange, Cherry 

Gimlet - Ritual Zero Proof Gin or Vodka, Simple Syrup, Lime 

Italian Spritz - Lyre Italian Spritz, Gruvi Dry Secco, Club Soda, Orange 

Daiquiri - Ritual Zero Proof Rum, Simple Syrup, Lime 

Pina Colada - Ritual Zero Proof Rum, Coconut and Pineapple 

Mimosa - Gruvi Dry Secco and Orange Juice 

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